Diary of a 1L
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Monday, September 29, 2003
7:18 AM

Danger! Danger! Note to self: don't get brainwashed!

In law school, we only see hard cases that we can't make easy, blanket statements about. But remember, in real life, 99% of all cases are very easy. Looking at so many hard cases where there really isn't any right or wrong answer may cloud our view of all the other cases.

You won't see "rich person gets off a murder rap" cases in the Criminal Law casebook. You won't see "soft tissue damage" personal injury cases in the Torts casebook. You won't see attorneys expensively bludgeon each other with procedural vagaries in Civ Pro (although, to his credit, Professor Fairman gives us a peek at the real, which is to say underhanded, use of procedure).

Don't forget why you don't like lawyers! You may be wrong, but let them convince you. Don't let them crowd every original thought out of your head by force-feeding you 50 pages a night.

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