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Thursday, September 25, 2003
4:00 PM

Doing my criminal law and watching the debate:

Graham - He scrupulously avoided the word "taxes". He has visuals. "I support the radical idea that if you want to create jobs, you create jobs." Guh? "He [Bush] is literally in bed with the pharmaceutical companies." Eeeewww.

Gephardt - Jerk, jerk, jerk, hate him, hate him, hate him. "You're the head of the Democratic wing of the Democratic party, and you're winging it." Whaaat?

Lieberman - He said something slightly free-tradey. I'm free-tradey. He was the first person to mention his website. He's really trying to tie himself to Clinton.

Kerry - He's a bit tradey tradey too. Er...he's "fair" tradey. "We can't love jobs but hate the people that create them." I don't think he's saying that sincerely, and I don't think there's any substance behind this statement, but I sort of like it anyway. And..."I agree completely with John Edwards." Almost sounds like Kerry thinks that Edwards doesn't have a chance.

Edwards - Slimy, dirty lawyer. Protectionist.

Clark - He got much more polished all of the sudden compared to his prior news conferences. He keeps saying "I've been a politician for nine days." Gee, you're really from "outside the beltway"! Waaaaay outside! Good for you!

Dean - I think he's nervous about Clark. He used the phrase "job hemmorage". He's all like, "Look, I'm a doctor!" "The enemy here is George Bush, not each other." Hold up, that's something you're supposed to say when you're winning. You should say: "The enemy here is George Bush and Wesley Clark, and Senator Kerry if he's ahead of me. But the rest of us shouldn't fight each other. Especially you. Especially not fighting me."

Sharpton - I like what he said about infrastructure, sort of. He's a bit hard to watch at times, but pretty funny at times. He called Dean "Brother Howard". That was nice.

Moseley-Braun - She used, and then immediately defined, the word "antithesis". I like that: You shouldn't indiscriminately use big words for effect without saying what they mean. "Every American wants to have universal coverage." Well, yeah, sure. And everyone wants pixie dust and to fly and stuff like that.

Kucinich - He sounds younger than he looks. Uh oh, he's against NAFTA and the WTO. See ya. He called Dean "Dr. Dean" when talking about health care. Is that supposed to be derisive, or just hopeless? And Brian Williams says, "So many doctor puns, so little time."

Okay, that's it. I changed the channel to DragonBall Z. Then I'm going to go get dinner.

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