Diary of a 1L
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Wednesday, September 03, 2003
2:28 PM

No, it's not happening. I'm way too bored with this stuff to work hard.

Also, I have to complain here about a certain anonymous female who must typify a certain type that I also encountered in college. She seems to have formed a strong opinion from the beginning of Orientation or before about who is cool and attractive and worth talking to. Maybe she only talks to people who she went to undergrad with. Anyway, that's not cool. I suppose it might be that she's shy rather than stuck-up, but I don't think so.

Note: if you have ever spoken to me in your life, YOU ARE NOT THE AFOREMENTIONED PERSON. Thanks!

Here's a great way to waste time:


Thanks a lot, Jon! Just for that, I think I'm going to have to lend you the Playstation.

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