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Sunday, October 05, 2003
9:00 PM

The gas face for the day (as opposed to the laughing gas face mask, which will be duly presented to me tomorrow morning) goes to John Stossel for being a jerk and a bad reporter.

While I was looking at colleges, Stossel went to Brown University and basically riled up the students off-camera, then turned on the cameras and got his footage of the "loony, left-wing" students. Let's see just what else he's done:

- He produced a real hard-hitting piece of journalism called "Is America #1?"

- He interviewed these kids and coached them to all say "yes" or "no" as appropriate, in unison, to questions that they obviously had no clue about. "Are scientists unanimous about the existence of global warming?" No kid is going to say "what does unanimous mean?" They're just going to say "yes" or "no" to make him happy.

- He did a bit on professional wrestling and revealed that...gee whiz!...it's not real! He got himself slapped by "Dr. D" David Schultz and then cried on camera and sued the WWF and settled for $280,000.

This is all a shame, because I don't really disagree with his politics (though he's probably not sincere anyway), I just object to him being a self-serving SOB. Cato cuddles up to Stossel, and I actually agree with about 85% of what Cato says. They should dump him like a bad anti-dumping agreement.

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