Diary of a 1L
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Friday, October 10, 2003
10:26 PM

Waiting to see Kill Bill was more exciting than actually watching it, but I still liked it. I wish they hadn't split it up, but I guess other people can't sit still for four hours.

I bought Glannon's Civ Pro book and I like it. One of my concepts for my website was to try to write some hypos about Simpsons or South Park characters, and that's sort of what Glannon does, except it's mostly just the names, and those names are all public domain.

But, I mean, think of all the torts in "Scott Tenorman Must Die". You could write a whole exam based just on that episode!

Maybe I could make a career out of writing Glannon or Emanuel type law school books, except they would be fun and cool with a lot more pictures and swearing.

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