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Monday, November 10, 2003
9:26 PM

Okay, here's the thing about The Matrix Revolutions. As a sequel, it...well, it's really not a true sequel to any real movie. It's sort of about the same thing as the first movie, and it kinda follows from the second movie, but the strands of any sort of coherence or logic are so fouled up that the most credit you can give it is if you consider it entirely on its own.

So, pretend with me, that we live in a world where the first two movies never existed, and we all went to the theatre to see this strange new movie with an enormous budget, done by these unknown directors, with everybody and Cornell West in it. What we would have is a movie that would pose far, far more questions than it would answer. In a way, it would be something like 2001. Just imagine the fun of asking yourself after seeing this movie, and not the others, "what the hell just happened?" Imagine trying to infer from only what was in front of your face who the players were and how they were related. I can assure you that minds would blow in such a situation.

This movie is a dismal, dismal failure as a sequel. In one sense, it's impossible to imagine how these guys could have screwed up so badly. Maybe once they got rich they started taking a lot of drugs. But in another sense, this is an amazing movie. It is such a maladapted, strange, and perverse specimen of cultural fauna that we can only conclude that this is a creature that is too strange to live. Yet it does, like some kind of H.R. Giger nightmare.

Well, I've prattled on long enough about things I know nothing about and which are not at all related to law school. But whenever the spirit moves me to be this talkative about something, I better let it all out, because most of the time I'm amazingly writer's blocked.

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