Diary of a 1L
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Friday, November 07, 2003
8:50 AM

Okay, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiit just a damn minute:

(from the Moritz College of Law grading policy)

For second- and third-year courses, the grade distribution is based on the past average letter grade performance of the students as a whole who registered for a particular course. A professor receives a grade distribution for the students enrolled in his or her course that semester. There are no names on the grade distribution, so the profile in no way focuses on an individual student. For example, an Evidence professor might receive a distribution stating that, based on past performance, 20 students would be expected to receive As; 30 students would be expected to receive Bs; and 15 students would be expected to receive Cs.
Does this mean what I think it means? To wit: if a bunch of people with high GPAs sign up for the same course, then they all get A's no matter what, but if a bunch of people with C averages all sign up for a course, then everyone in that course gets C's no matter what. Doesn't this promote a cynical strategy for people with low first year grades to just try to find out what classes the top students are signing up for and sign up for those? If I'm the only C student in a class full of A students, don't the odds favor me stealing an A from someone else?

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