Diary of a 1L
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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
5:10 PM

Report on my "day off":

I did a practice Contracts exam, clocked almost exactly to the suggested time of 40 minutes (39, as it turned out). I also did my reading for tomorrow for the same class. My mom called me on my new cell phone, and I discovered I haven't quite gotten the concept yet: I'm here in the reserve room and I'm near the windows. When the phone rang (or rather vibrated), I started trying to walk fast to somewhere where I wouldn't bother people by talking. The thing is, at the same time I was walking away from where I could get a signal. Oh yeah, that's right! Wireless! Uses electromagnetic radiation converted into sound! Said frequency of radiation can't go through walls 'n' stuff so well! Right...okay. Maybe I just need to take physics again to get less stupider.

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