Diary of a 1L
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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
6:34 PM

I have some suggestions for things to write here. One thing is whether I have any advice for how to make the beginning of law school better or easier. One thing is that I've started to make time to socialize, especially with people I've met here at school, and I wish I had done that earlier. It's an important priority, and you shouldn't feel guilty if you carve some time out of your studying to get to know folks.

One thing that you should know if you're reading this and you're about to start law school (like if you're reading this next fall)...don't buy Black's dictionary. You will be able to access Westlaw for free when you're in law school, and you can get the full text of Black's, copy-and-pasteable, from there. So don't buy it!

Study groups aren't for everyone. Don't get pressured into one if you don't really want to be in one. If you get in one and don't like it, get out!

Try to make your routine once you start school as much like your routine before you started school as you possibly can. For example, if you worked out before school started, keep doing that!

Get Word and use AutoCorrect to enter in common words and phrases. For example, whenever I type smj[ (that's a right square bracket there after the "smj"), Word automagically changes it to "subject matter jurisdiction". When I enter in a state abbreviation and then the right square bracket, like oh[, il[, ny[, and so on, it changes it to "Ohio, Illinois, New York"...I also have things like "cany[" for "Court of Appeals of New York". To set this up, you just go to the Tools menu in Word and then to "AutoCorrect Options..." and the AutoCorrect tab. If you do ALT-T, then press "a", it will get you there and you can start entering your own nifty shortcuts! My dad gave me the idea for this.

Highlighters are good. I like using lots of colors and having the colors mean certain things. I also like writing in my books and drawing little pictures! Go nuts! They're your books! Unless you are going to try to sell them back...but I wouldn't recommend it if you don't have to do it.

So, that's a few things. I'll think of more later.

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