Diary of a 1L
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Tuesday, January 20, 2004
9:06 PM

In response to the recent guestbook entry:

Moritz College of Law Honor Code
Section B. Substantive Provisions

  1. No student shall cheat in the taking of an examination; cheating includes knowingly receiving or giving any information to others except as authorized by the instructor, or knowingly taking any advantage not available to the class as a whole which has not been authorized by the instructor or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. [Everything on this website is available to every class as a whole, and if you snuck in one of my (satisfaction not guaranteed) outlines, it would be just as bad as if you snuck in a photocopied Gilbert's or something. Besides, this rule seems to only be concerned with conduct during tests in particular.]
  2. No student shall knowingly give or receive aid or assistance in any work assigned, including legal writing and research problems, Moot Court, Trial Practice, or any course, seminar, or other offering of the Moritz College of Law, when such aid or assistance has been prohibited or otherwise precluded by the instructor. [I don't put my answers to research assignments on this site just like I won't put my exam answers on the site (unless I perhaps get permission later).]
  3. No student shall plagiarize (1) in any written work assigned for any course or seminar, (2) in any work for Moot Court or (3) in any journal sponsored by the College. Plagiarism means knowingly copying or imitating the ideas or expressions of another and representing them as one’s own. Failure to acknowledge or cite a source which is copied or imitated constitutes the representation that the idea or expression is one’s own. [I think it's clear that my casebook notes and class notes represent the ideas of the casebook author or lecturer, respectively, unless it says otherwise, like "I think..."]
  4. No student shall knowingly steal, destroy or impede another student’s academic work. Impeding another student’s work includes, but is not limited to, the theft, concealment, defacement, or mutilation of common academic resources so that access and use by others is impeded. [I like to think I do quite the opposite.]
  5. No student shall knowingly influence or attempt to influence any member of the Honor Council as to any matter before the Honor Council, except through official Honor Council proceedings.
  6. No Honor Council member shall fail to maintain the confidentiality of all adjudicatory proceedings before the Honor Council or shall discuss any pending case with any person except as necessary to carry out his or her duties as a Council member.
  7. No student having knowledge of a violation by another shall fail to report such violation by another as required by Article V., Section C.

I'm probably being oversensitive to anonymous criticism, but I wanted to show that I've really thought these things through. As far as grades go, we'll just see. That is, I'll just see, because I'm not telling you.

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