Diary of a 1L
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Sunday, January 18, 2004
4:30 PM

On a lighter note in terms of people I knew in middle school (and elementary school), this band's lead singer also went to my middle school. They opened for the Country Teasers at Bernie's, and I got such a crush on this female chanteuse all of the sudden. But there was something about her...I was like hmmm...and all of the sudden, the name "Lara Yazvac" insinuated itself into my consciousness. And I thought...hmmm...I haven't thought of her in years. But then later I went and looked it up online (like I look up everything), and sure enough. Well, the crush just wasn't really the same after that. You can't look at someone the same way once you realize you knew them when they were 8. Plus, I think she figured out who I was before I figured out who she was.

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