Diary of a 1L
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Monday, February 16, 2004
8:32 AM

I think more people read this than I sometimes realize. My e-mails, guestbook entries, and references on other blogs have gradually died down, but I get more of people coming up to me at school and saying stuff like: "So...you're doing speed dating!" That's pretty cool.

I wonder if the 2 and 3Ls here are not so interested in me anymore because I don't tend to talk about politics very much. I'm pretty agnostic about most things political. I'll support what I think is right at the time, but I'm not terribly surprised if it turns out later that I got everything totally backwards. I guess I think that preaching to the choir is boring. Plus, I don't really have a choir. Also, I think trying to talk someone over from the Dark Side by force of intellectual persuasion is much less effective than most people think. So that doesn't really leave an audience for my political speculations.

I also don't talk about law as much as I might. It's really easy to lose perspective while being totally immersed in a subject that acts like it's so self-contained and complete. There's no subject I've studied that is so ripe for a critical perspective. This is a subject where I can appreciate someone jumping up and down and saying: "Don't forget! This is just a piece of paper that some people wrote a long time ago! It's not a logical inevitability!"

Learning about law also makes me want to learn more about law enforcement. Law doesn't really act at the stroke of a pen. Nothing would ever really happen if it weren't for guns and money.

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