Diary of a 1L
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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
10:55 AM

Okay, I have two heroes for the day and a beverage of the day.

My first hero of the day is Fred Rogers. He was a great man. Somehow I managed to accidentally catch "The Neighborhood" yesterday and today at 6 AM on PBS, but now I'm thinking I should set my alarm to be able to watch the rest of the week. When you're little you don't notice how cool the music is. Johnny Costa was a very fine jazz pianist. I love when they do the "how things are made" short films and the musicians improvise along to it. If I could do anything one-tenth as good with my life as Mr. Rogers did with his, I'll be very satisfied.

My other hero for the day is Warren Buffett. Yeah, the rich guy! I just discovered his Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letters. So cool! He sounds like such a smart and thoughtful guy. And funny! You could almost forgive him for being a billionaire a dillion times over. His letters really make me want to be a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder. Maybe that's really the point of the letters. But then again, one share of Berkshire Class A stock is trading at $94,300 today. Of course, the spread is enormous: the ask price is actually more like $150,000. Then again, for the little people like you and me, there's Class B stock, which is a bargain at just $3,142 a share today. Of course, you or I would pay more like $4,500 for it.

And my beverage for the day is blue drinks. Like blue pina coladas or blue martinis. They used to have a blue shake at Max & Erma's that I think was called a "Smurf shake". They might have run into some copyright issues with that one. There's also blue Icees or Slurpees or Arctic Blasts that will turn your tongue totally bluish. Blue drinks are fun and colorful and fruity.

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