Diary of a 1L
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Monday, May 24, 2004
5:44 PM

Finland is all up ins!

What's up Finland! Somebody from there keeps coming here. Thanks! You should leave a comment.

I finished my journally kind of stuff. Whew...

Oh, I must be one the Finnish visitors, so let me introduce myself. I’m a law student too and I stumbled on your site when I was looking for information on some legal topics in English. I currently take some classes on common law jurisprudence, particularly on criminal law, and I’ve found your outlines and class notes quite useful when studying things that are difficult for me. I mean your common law system is so different from ours. I recommended this site for some friends too, so that might explain the traffic from Finland.

In addition, your blog offers an interesting view of student life there, which I'm enthusiastic to learn about, since the possibility of living and working in the US has always intrigued me.

To mention some differences, all this grade competition you keep talking about is quite unfamiliar at a Finnish university. I think your studies are more practical, whereas in Finland the curriculum tends to be quite theoretical. One thing is common for sure: it takes a lot of reading mostly extremely boring texts to become a lawyer!
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