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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
5:12 PM

I have been authorized...no, ordered...to report that I will serve as the Online Editor for the new journal here at OSU, I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society. As a result, I will never leave the Internet again. The Matrix has me!

Congrats Mike! And you seem concerned about it. Does that mean you won't have to do any grunt editing and citation work like the rest of us?

Well...maybe, or else it's back to being a code monkey for me!
Congratulations, Michael! That's so wonderful! You're terrific! How could they have possibly picked anyone else?
That's awesome, Mike! Congratulations!


Also - ? - have all the journals sent out their decisions - I'm confused - I got a response from one journal by e-mail but haven't heard anything one way or the other from the others. I thought they were all going to mail acceptance and rejection letters and to do so on the same day???
I've received responses from three out of four journals, but one came a few days after the other two. I've been left pretty confused with the process.
What, you didn't make law review? You broke my heart.

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Michael- I think that's really terrible that someone put a comment in and signed it "Mom" and it wasn't really from me.

the REAL Mom
Congrats on your position. By the way, you should eliminate the interloper with extreme prejudice.

Is the new journal an online journal, peer review, or what? As an alum, I am very interested.

Are you familiar with the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law? That's what it's patterned after. I guess that's what you mean by peer reviewed - there are faculty editors at the top, both here and at the Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon, so it's more like academic journals in other fields. It will be both in print and online by subscription (which, as I understand it, I'll have a hand in setting up).
Thanks. Crim Law journal is peer review. Geidner has some good postings on the defense for student-edited journals. Peer edited means that editorial control rests in the hands of faculty and often faculty use contacts to get articles rather than choosing articles based on choosing from submissions.

The great thing about American law journals is that the are the ONLY student edited academic journals in the world.
The up and down side of blogs is that people actually read them.

So, Mike, you will undoubtedly be tossed into the "grunt work" editing fray at some point. You have to do more than do all things web to maintain your keep. ;-) In addition, you are going to be helping set up a (fill-in-the-time-frame) newsletter for the Journal, and anything else I can think up for you (insert mad scientist cackle).

Congrats! Your mom has every reason to be proud.

No sweat! I can grunt! I can work! I can grunt and work at the same time!
Have you picked up Leviathan yet?
Done and done. With a name like "Leviathan", I was expecting something earth-shattering to happen. It was kind of more realistic than the books I usually read. The author didn't try to play a lot of games with language. I remember distinctly that the phrase "until the cows come home" is in the book, and I have some notion that "raining cats and dogs" is in there too. I'd be interested to hear your take on it.
Congratulations. I enjoy reading your blog and am sure you will do a good job.
Leviathan will catch up with you eventually. Auster is a genius.

But if you want something less grounded in reality read Moore & Gibbons Watchmen (or re-read if you have read it). I guarantee you can find something new everytime you pick it up.
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