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Thursday, July 08, 2004
8:52 AM

One state, two state, red state, blue state

Why are Republican states "red"? R for Republican and R for red? Because you know, traditionally, red stands for being pretty liberal...very liberal. And blue for Democratic? Blue, like blue blood? Isn't it backwards?

It changes... Red means the incumbent, blue means the non-incumbent. Think about it as "having the blues" about the current administration. I sure do.

I associate blue bloods with Ten Kennedy type liberals more so than republicans. That's just me.
I agree with the last post, but want to extend his reasoning further. Kerry is a blueblood as well! Makes me laugh to see two multi-millionaires talk about the two-americas, ie how the rich are subjugating the poor. Also, part of the high cost of medical care in the US is a direct result of the high malpractice insurance costs that doctors pay. Thanks John Edwards.
Kerry is such a pompous elitest. I miss Howard Dean.
Also, blue red has nothing to do with incumbency, since these same colors were used during the 2000 election when Gore represented the incubant.

Also, Mike, why do you equate Republicans with Bluebloods? Ronald Reagan was born to a poor family. So were Nixon and Eisenhower for that matter. This notion of the Republicans being the party of rich elitest is the biggest lie in American politics today.
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