Diary of a 1L
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Friday, August 20, 2004
1:05 PM

I just realized that at least one of the big law firms I'm thinking about interviewing with has defended a tobacco company. It could be that all of them have. Could I stomach working at such a place?

Better that than working for one that's sued a tobacco company.
Forgive me, but what's wrong with defending a tobacco company?
I forgive you.
I'm serious, my dear. I mean, whether or not you agree with the morals of a tobacco company, they deserve legal representation nonetheless. That is one of the fundamentals of our system, isn't it?

Perhaps you wouldn't agree with the ideals of the tobacco company that this law firm defended, but you might agree with the ideals of a law firm that helps preserve and maintain justice by participating in the system.

My point is, doesn't everyone deserve representation? I guess I don't understand why being a defense attorney or defending big tobacco or big insurance or whatever is considered so distasteful.
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