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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
12:50 PM

I wonder if there are any people who talked to me last year because they thought it looked like I knew what I was doing who won't talk to me anymore because I'm not on the main journal. That would be somewhat along the lines of sad or pitiful.

Well, it only took you two days of Journal activity to start plaintively wondering these things. That is, indeed, somewhat along the lines of sad or pitiful.
What I meant to say was:

Pull your skirt up - your insecurity is showing.
Well, yeah, but isn't that part of the point of doing the whole blogging thing?
I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin' - maybe you should wait until somebody actually belittles your journal membership before protesting too much. I mean, it's got just a bit of vicious-circle-self-fulfilling-prophecy going on, doesn't it? Even for a blog?
Mike, it is not as though the main law journal at Ohio State is that renown. I didn't even apply to the damn thing because I find most law b-o-r-i-n-g. I could only image doing acc checks on articles I have absolutely zero interest in topic-wise. Best to stick to what you want to do rather than what others think you should do.
as a current 3L who read the entire journal packet and then decided I could spend my time on better things, I have never seen anyone not talk to me because of journal status. If so, then they are not worth talking to.
Last year there were a few people who acted differently during journal orientation from what appeared to be a sense of self importance. Most of that wore off. And it was also a wonderful screening mechanism for who you really don't want to talk to anyway.
I disagree with LvL. I only speak to people on the main journal or who can get me concert tickets.
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