Diary of a 1L
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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
8:34 AM

More new person advice

The Reserve Room in the library is your friend! Before you go running off and buying all these outlines and treatises and stuff, you can look through many of them in the library and try using them to see what you think. For example, you'll probably want to look at Prosser & Keeton once in a while for Torts, but you probably won't want to actually buy the treatise.

On the other hand, Glannon's Civ Pro ("The Glannon Guide" and/or "Examples and Explanations") and Torts ("E & E") books are pretty darn near essential and awesome.

i'd concurr on the Civ Pro Examples and Explainations. Didn't use the Torts E&E...perhaps should have...
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