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Monday, August 23, 2004
11:09 AM

News: Nelly & M.C. Hammer

Apparently, Nelly is going to pull a "Use Your Illusion" next month by releasing two different albums on the same day, "Suit" and "Sweat". I thought this guy's first single and video ("Country Grammar") were outstanding. Not the version about shooting people, but the clean version about Cocoa Puffs and whatever. And the video that just showed regular people doing regular stuff and having a good time was a real breath of fresh air. Since then, though, not too impressed. But this Axl-esque move is full of guts. Then again, look how Axl ended up.

And M.C. Hammer is back! Sort of...he's back on VH-1, at least. There was this video billed as "M.C. Hammer featuring..." and then like three or four other guys. So they showed Hammer for about 30 seconds at the beginning and he did one verse and then he simply disappeared! What's more, he put people who can actually rap well on the track! So, basically, he made a cameo appearance in his own video! Very weird.

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