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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
3:46 PM

Resume, resumé, resume

I've submitted 10 resumes so far to firms that have a combined total of 4,531 attorneys worldwide; I have committed up to four hours of my life to talk to them. Am I insane?

Yes, you are.

Not only that, you are selling out. I bet you throw a 'W' sticker on your car soon. . . Hey Mike, say something about whoring for multinationals. ;^)
First: Mike you are far from selling out...the more people like you that become part of major firms and enter positions of influence, the better off we are as a society. Don't let bitter individuals tell you otherwise. GOOD LUCK WITH THE JOB SEARCH!!!

Second: In the interest of not sinking to the level of using the term "whoring", I will resist speaking pejoratively in regards to #57. Let's just say that the "W" on my car stands for something other than "waffle".

Keep up the good work Mike!

"Kind of people like me?" What kind of guy do you think we are?

The only "W" sticking to my rear windshield is the one in "Moritz College of Law". The only "K" sticking to my rear windshield is the one in "University of Chikago". Of course, I could get an Andrew WK bumper sticker and then I'd be totally bipartisan!
Aw, Mike, you are just trying to make a buck or two! Good luck to you. And while you are looking for the ideal job in a firm, remember how your dreams of writing as a profession didn't include a statement of the facts, summary of an argument, several inane points of law with a catchy conclusion that will be lost on the clerk that stopped half way through your brief. Way to betray your alma! : )

I don't think I will try to draw in some kind of catchy reference to politics. Why do all your commentarians do this? I mean, there are real issues out there like when will the poles (magnetic) switch!

ooh, I didn't think I could be this bitter to such a nice guy!
You don't sound bitter. I think you're making an important point. I'm leaving myself open to the big firm thing, but if I end up there (and I'm happy) I'll be at least somewhat surprised. Quite surprised. Thanks for saying I'm a nice guy!
Maybe you would just be better off playing in a band instead of working in a law firm. I think I have a good name for your band...how about "Cheese"?
I'm trying to think of who you are. I'm pretty sure that wasn't just a good guess.
Why couldn't it have been a good guess?? Here's another suggestion...try playing the bass guitar!

I don't think you deserve to know who I am because you were not very receiving of my previous comment, which attempted, perhaps mistakingly, to relay a compliment.
This post has been removed by the author.
This post has been removed by the author.
If you're all anonymous I don't know which of you is leaving more than one comment. Sorry!

The real test, of course...name three Cheese songs. Even if you don't know, I'd like to see you guess just to see what you think the band must have been like.

[oops! posted the same thing twice and deleted it twice, but this is what I posted in the first place]
Working for a large company does not make you a bad person. Amidst all of the political platforming, I think that was the point that "SD" was trying to make. You can still maintain your integrity in a large firm-- hold true in your values, try to instill those values in the people you work with, and provide the best possible service to your customers. Then, go home at the end of the day secure in the fact that, although your company might be large, faceless, and a defender of people you despise, you have lived your life as a honest man, and you have tried your best to encourage others to do so as well. Never perform any work that compromises your integrity, but also don't forget that if you removed all ties from any company you ever found morally distateful, you would not be able to survive... I mean, even something innocuous as Macaroni and Cheese is manufactured by a multinational corporation (Kraft--which, incidentally, is owned by another multinational Philip Morris, which, incidentally, manufactures *tobacco products*!!). Like all the IBM commercials tell me, it's a connected world, and as such, there is no escaping corporate evil. The best you can do is live your life in an honest and straightforward manner.

Or, you can become a revolutionary, move out into a cabin in the woods, and forage for nuts and berries. But even the paper on which you write your manifesto was probably produced by Mead, International Paper, or another global company who insists on murdering our old-growth forests.

You can't escape it. I'm not telling you to submit, I'm not telling you to vote for one candidate or another, I'm simply saying that corporate evil is essentially inescapable.
Hmmm.... I guess in rereading my previous comment it sounds quite bleak.... I didn't intend for it to be sorely depressing. All I meant was, Mikey, you are a good person, and working for The Man won't change that.
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