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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
3:46 PM

"Hey Mike, Say Something About...Buckeyes"

I was pretty unimpressed when Jim Tressel was first announced as the replacement for John Cooper as head football coach at Ohio State. I was underwhelmed with the fact that he wasn't a Division I coach and that he wasn't already famous. But this guy has done just about everything right both on and off the field.

Tressel is a teacher in the mold of John Wooden, the former UCLA head basketball coach (whose books, including They Call Me Coach, I highly recommend). He doesn't scream or curse at his players. He doesn't train them to ride emotional highs to victory. He doesn't rely on individual star players to win (although a greater number of different players shine as stars on his teams than on most teams). Instead, he teaches them to practice diligently and improve gradually.

Tressel realizes that in Columbus, football isn't just a sport or just entertainment, but, at its best, a cultural institution. He has immersed himself in our football culture and cultivated an appreciation for that culture in his players. Every word he utters in public is carefully measured. He never speaks ill of opponents or critics. On the other hand, no matter how well the team plays, he can always articulate the areas where the team has room for improvement.

We have a kicker for a captain this year, and he's basically won our last two games. This never would have happened under John Cooper. This would never happen at most other schools. Mike Nugent is a great athlete, but it's because of Jim Tressel that he's allowed to be a star.

I want a running game.

Lydell Ross couldn't find a hole on a miniature golf course.

Honestly it is great the Mike Nugent is getting a lot of pub, but wouldn't it be better if the team didn't have to rely upon their kicker? Mike Nugent wouldn't be any less great if the offense could produce touchdown drives and he was just kicking extra points.
What does this say about Columbus and Ohio in general? Is nothing else going on in Columbus? The neighbor to the north also has a football team people live, eat, breath and sleep. BUT, they also have one of the best law schools, medical schools, and perhaps the best business schools…Hey Mike say something about MICHIGAN LAW
I'll reserve my comments on Tressel for another day (none of them are positive). As far as the running game goes, last year, whenever when ran out of the "I" or offset "I" with a FB as a lead blocker we averaged 5.5 yards per carry.

The problem is not Lydell Ross, it's not the offensive line, it's not the play calling. It's the play design. This ridiculous formation with TE, wingback, TE accomplishes nothing.

Oh, and maybe it is a little playcalling too. You don't run a counter as the first play of the game. The point of a counter is that it COUNTERS something. You run right, right, right and then counter. Also, you don't pull your linemen when you are bigger and stronger than the other team. You pull when you are smaller and faster. It's not likely that we'll be smaller and faster than any D we face this year with the exception of Wisconsin.


Let me see if I can find the link of all the disciplinary problems that have occurred under Tressel. The punishments are always very effective, too. "You can't run at 5am on Tuesday morning with the rest of the team." Aw, gee, coach.
To the guy from Michigan:

If you guys are so much smarter than us, why do people move to Columbus from Ann Arbor to find work? Why can't you start up your own businesses at home? I mean, we all know how crappy your cars are, but I'm sure you've got other sectors where you could make a living. Perhaps the fur trade...

Who said I was from Michigan? I just recognize they (the University) a far superior than OSU in almost every aspect.
I acknowledged that Michigan has superior departments, definitely law and medical school, and a more open-minded & liberal campus. Still, why do they come here for jobs? I'm certainly glad it isn't the other way around.

Here is the reason:

Michigan is a school where the majority of the come from out of state. Also, you can find a Michigan Grad in almost any major law firm, hospital, etc. across the country. Michigan grads go everywhere to find jobs, not just Columbus, but Tulsa Oklahoma, Jackson Hole Wyoming, New York City, etc.... It would be impossible to employ all Michigan grads in Michigan, because so many top tier employers want Michigan grads all over the country. This is the same for Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, UC grads.
I guess the same can be said for Michigan's mBA's; they take their diplomas, throw their mortarboards in the air, and take the first flight out of town.

I think Coach Tressel is wonderful! People don't have to be mean, swear or scream to teach effectively. He's a wonderful role model for our players and for the other coaches who don't know how to keep their cool.

We sure do love our buckeyes! Thanks for these great comments, Michael! Thanks, Coach and Nuge and all the other players (in case they happen to read this.) We appreciate all your hard work.

PS- Jon, we have wonderful relatives who are Mich. grads, so I can't agree with everything you wrote, but we do like winning those Mich games!

They do make awful cars.

One thing about Michigan Football it all comes down to 2 things.
1. Beat Ohio State
2. Beat Ohio State

Michigan fans love the wins over OSU as well. If if they make bad cars.
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As my Mom alluded to, there are U of M alums in the family. According to my cousin Henry, Michigan fans rank us as the 3rd biggest rivalry behind Notre Dame and Michigan State. Michigan's biggest victory last year came not against Ohio State but against Gratz and Grutter by the scores of 6-3 and 5-4.
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