Diary of a 1L
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Sunday, September 19, 2004
3:19 PM

I feel like I have to post something just to make sure I keep up my ratings. Then again, The Sopranos is on hiatus until 2006 and nobody's complaining.

Did you know that the other part of the site here, lawschool.mikeshecket.com, has registered over 1 million hits? I hope all those 1L people don't get disappointed when it's later in the semester and they get to the cases that I didn't brief last year. I did warn them, though.

You know what part of speech I rarely use? Adverbs. (Ooh...check out that self-reference!) I'm more of a meat and potatoes, noun and verb kind of guy.

Are you kidding me, I complain every Sunday that the Sopranos is on hiatus!
You need another way to get your message to the masses, beyond your narrow following.

Have you considered following the freeway blogger's model?

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