Diary of a 1L
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Thursday, September 16, 2004
8:21 AM

Me again

At first I thought seven would be a good number of stories, one per day for a week. Then I thought three would be a good number because of Joseph Knecht's "Three Lives" in "The Glass Bead Game". I also thought it would be more impressive to have one after the other with no breaks. But, now I feel like talking about something else, and who's gonna tell me I can't? I'll probably do more stories later.

Everybody feels the same way about Appellate Advocacy. That's comforting. Everyone feels like the first paper they turned in was the worst thing they ever wrote. The way one person described it is that everyone is either angry or depressed, or both. Has anyone ever done a petition drive to get App Ad removed as a required class?

I don't know if anyone ever has or not but somebody really should - I mean seriously how many of us are going to go off and become appellate attorneys and how many other schools make this a required course? It's just soooo not necessary!!!!!!!!!!!
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