Diary of a 1L
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Friday, September 24, 2004
7:49 AM

On the way to school today I saw a helicopter (presumably traffic chopter) hovering over I-71 and I-270. "Oh yeah!" I thought. "That's something helicopters can do!" Then I was wondering why you see a helicopter on the move much more often than you see one hover. Then I was thinking there is probably a mathematical explanation that I would have been able to come up with easily about five years ago.

No more interviews after today. Thank goodness. I need to go back and read what I wrote a year ago. Where did I get the idea that I came here to learn how to be a lawyer?

Oh by the way...question for you all reading this. What kind of book, written by me, would you be most likely to buy (or check out of the library)?

Law for Dummies.
"Cooking with Mike Shecket"

or perhaps that should read "Cooking FOR Mike Shecket"

Ooo, ooh, yeah, a cookbook.

"Seven vegetables in a Pot-- Cooking Mike's Way"

I'd totally buy that.

Or maybe, a book with pictures of cute cats. I can see you doing that, too.
I would buy anything you wrote, of course, but I see you writing kids' books where they'd get to DO stuff while listening, like the game you made up for Christa and also a kids' book about cat friends. Then Schroe and Joe could be the characters and they'd get famous!

Anything that doesn't have to do with LAW or LAW SCHOOL.
Sounds good to me, Brocculator!
Top ten ways to avoid App Ad while still being able to graduate
I would totally read your book on the interstellar ramifications of cranky law students.

And I am just throwing this out there, but I think helicopters are more prone to hover near the ground, because it is easier to balance the torque from the blades and the tail rotor when you don’t have to worry about all that high altitude wind and current density jank. Plus being close to the ground is going to get rid of all your pressure and drag problems, because with the ground right there the air off the blades isn’t going anywhere fast. Probably all stuff you had down, but I am really sick of torts and hence the rambling.

Ah to be in physics and in law,
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