Diary of a 1L
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Monday, September 27, 2004
9:03 AM

The weekend

Saturday: My grandma's 84th birthday. Hooray! Cheesecake was eaten.

Sunday: Drove up to Cleveland for the Indians game with my papa (i.e. grandfather) and Jon. Hooray again! Omar Vizquel was cheered vigorously.

Law school homework completed: ZERO!

Whoa, you're the fourth person I've heard today to accomplish nothing over this weekend. Fear not, you're in good company. I was feeling a bit guilty myself until I forced myself to get over it.
I road my bike all weekend at Alum Creek. All the while I thought it was so much better than law school and the mindnumbing work that accompanies it. I too did absolutely nothing this weekend and cherished every precious second. But alas, I ate no cheesecake. Your weekend was much better.
That makes 4 of us. Except I am still getting nothing done and it's Monday!
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