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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
6:12 PM

From the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

This is a cute, fun place. But it makes me slightly sad at times to be here by myself. I really want to be a dad someday and have a little person to take to places like this. Then again, I wonder when I'll feel secure enough in myself to know I can be a good father. I've been told nobody ever really knows, but I think if you're at all responsible you should have a pretty good idea before you get into the whole endeavor. I know my parents did. I also wonder whether I will feel right bringing new kids into this world given all of its dangers and uncertainties.

Then again, I'm getting ahead of myself. It generally takes two people to make a baby. I have some challenging work to do in order to find my other half.

My next stop will be Broad Ripple, where there's a recommended Indian restaurant and, later, the show. I'm hoping I might find a place to watch part of the debate before I go into the show. Then I'll be taking off (very late) for Cincinnati (or rather Florence, Kentucky).

Photos are coming soon! Wait'll you see the "End of the Day Parade" at the Children's Museum! It's cute as all heck!

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