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Friday, October 29, 2004
6:29 AM

I'm not going to lie to you...I'm really getting excited about the idea of the academic counselor job. It seems like it's exactly what I should have held out for when I was struggling to make ends meet before law school. Ahhh...a salary...having health insurance paid for...getting to help people. I've just got to at least apply.

Go for it cuz. And, I want in on the co-authoring thing; we probably agree about lots of stuff and I can tone down your nasty streak.
No offense, but based on your posts from the past couple months, putting you in any sort of career or academic counselor is somewhere around the level of making an alcoholic a bartender/emotional cripple a psychologist/insert other colorful analogy.

I mean, honestly, don't you think this takes "physician, heal thyself" to a whole new level?
Cripes! You people are tough on me.

What nasty streak?
No - they aren't being tough they're being absolutely ridiculous!!! Sometimes people who are honest about their feelings are the best equipped to help other people who have the same sorts of troubles. Also, almost everyone has something that they're depressed/anxious/angry/whatever about but it doesn't mean that it translates into every area of their life!! There are plenty of wonderful and amazing techers/counselors out there helping many, many people who struggle with some aspect of their life. Whoever made that last comment is the one who should stay away from any helping profession.

Go for it Mike - you'd be wonderful!
Hey Mike I did the academic counselor thing before law school and it was a good gig for awhile. I have fond memories of the health plan but workng for academic bureaucracy got tiresome after awhile. All in all it was a great experience but lacked a challange and was definitely time to move on after 2 yrs. Good luck if you decide to go for it.
Anonymous, if you can't see the irony of Mike going into career counseling - when almost all of his posts for the last year beg for someone to give HIM career counseling - then perhaps you'd be better off watching Richard Simmons telethons and pledging to help out Sally Struthers.

I'm not sure what that last line meant either.
Actually I do fail to see the irony (I also don't see what Richard Simmons has to do w/ failing to see irony - but from what I can gather about you from your post I'm quite pleased I'm not thinking like you). The reason I don't believe it's ironic is because it is very easy to use one's own experiences in helping others. Just because Mike may have mixed feelings about law school does not mean that he is incapable of being an excellent counselor. As a matter of fact counselors should be able to analyze strenghts and weaknesses of career choices and he's going through that type of analysis right now which I'm sure would come in quite handy for him if he took that position. Furthermore, most, if not all, people question some aspects of their career choices - this is natural and healthy and not a disqualification for a career counselor position.
Wow! It makes it a lot easier to handle criticism when there's five people ready to pop up and defend me.

You know, it doesn't feel good to be criticized, but I wouldn't want people to not say that stuff.
Mike - hopefully you're talking from some sort of a free speech sort of mindset b/c I wouldn't really call some of what's been said "criticism." Well at least not constructive criticism anyway. They've provided no logical well founded reasons for their opinions and they've offered no suggestions on how to change even if their conclusions were right (which they're not). I say let 'em talk but completely forget the critics and focus on the defenders :)

Besides for what it's worth I think your presence at the law school makes it a better place and you'd be great as an academic counselor or an attorney!!!!
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