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Thursday, October 28, 2004
4:40 PM

Notwithstanding my "silly Podraza" comment somewhere below, he's hit the nail exactly on the head of what I think about law school right now. (Well, except for the fact that I'm much more of a statist than he is. In fact, I might seek employment with the state in the near future. But anyway...) Maybe he could co-author my big law school exposé book. Then we could get rich and both move to Hong Kong or Singapore or something.

But seriously, I think I came to the same realization that he did when I went through my job/debacle in the IT consulting biz. Yeah, I came out of the U. of Chicago as an idealistic economics major. Yes, I sipped the Kool-Aid of market capitalism. I believed that my work productivity and return on investment to my employer would determine my level of career success 100%. After all, how could the company succeed in the market if it were run inefficiently by idiots and jerks? A true acolyte of Milton Friedman could probably work out a chain of logic showing how state intervention creates misincentives to have the lamest people in charge. But me, I'm just too lazy.

Hey Mike - say something about.......

I'm very interested in knowing a little more specifically what it is that is depressing about law school. I mean I realize the amount of work/being singled out in class/etc can be stressful, and can be depressing at times, but why is it something that is continually depressing for you? Is it something that could be changed where you have some control or is it simply the nature of the system - if so how would you make it better?
about your "silly podraza" comment, it was not podraza, but, instead, a proto-podraza capable of editing your great work of law school and its discontents...
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