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Thursday, October 07, 2004
1:24 PM

"The Splash is Art"

I went to the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center yesterday. They were doing some major jackhammering or some other kind of noisy construction next to the building while I was visiting. The museum featured an exhibit of minimalist and ambient art. The fun part was that there were no labels on either floor of the exhibit, so you had to pay close attention to see where the art was. For example, there was a perfectly ordinary looking, unlabeled water fountain, but if you pressed the button on it, wine came out instead of water. There was also what appeared to be a gross squashed fly on the wall, but if you looked at the brochure for the exhibit, you actually discovered it was a tiny model of a squashed fly.

Anyhoo, the quote above came from one of the museum guards. I noticed in the exhibition program that there was a piece of ambient music playing that involved the sound of a splash playing throughout the museum at specified times each hour. But I wasn't sure if the low rumbling I was hearing was part of the piece or not. So I asked the guard, and he said no, the low rumbling was the construction. But "the splash is art". That kind of cracked me up.

This museum has a sort of kids' area on the top floor, including an absolutely wonderful arts and crafts kind of area. It was totally unattended, and had a huge amount of art supplies. I went a little nuts with the hot glue gun and created the sculpture pictured above.

I also made this, my most political work of art ever!!!

I'll give you a nickel for the "Injured?" piece of art.
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