Diary of a 1L
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Sunday, October 10, 2004
10:53 PM

Tattoo idea

The word "UNEMPLOYABLE" right across the front of my neck.

Mike, why don't you be a teacher? You seem to enjoy teaching the Kaplan classes, and tutoring, and all.

You'd be a good teacher. You could work at Linworth.
I certainly would not want you working in my law firm.
The thought of you teaching children is extremely frightening. What do you have to offer children? Your mixed up idealism about the law profession proves that you do not have a clue.
Why not write some unpublishable tripe that no one would want to read, and call yourself a writer? That seems to be what you really want to do.
Anonymous critics always make me laugh. They're only ballsy enough to rip on other people when they are completely assured that there will be no retribution. There are 3 kinds of people in the world, Anonymous, and you are not a dick or a pussy.

And why in the hell is idealism an undesirable trait in a teacher? Which is better: a teacher who tells children to follow their principles, or a teacher who tells children to sell their souls to The Man for a little bit of cash?
Pardon me, Anonymous, but "tripe" was my word a post or two ago. Please come up with your own.

As to whether Mike's a good or bad writer, the fact that you (and I) spend so much time reading whatever it is he writes demonstrates that probably a bunch of other people would as well. Do I think he has a tendency toward the Whiny? Sure. But it beats reading cases.
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
(One of my Anonymous friends posted the same thing like five times. That's why I deleted the other copies.)
Alright, homey, it was only twice.
hey, dude I just have to say, whoa, the sentiments of that knucklehead are not shared by me, and mucho others, you know your notes are making me a better student, if I had won the California lottery this past weekend I would've hunted you down and gave you at least 20 grand, but alas, only friggin one number out of six, well, what I am trying to say is you rock don't let anybody tell ya different
Be sure to do it in Kanji; English characters are sooo passe'.

And maybe not on your neck but right between your eyes.

Yeah, that would totally rule!
You don't get a lot of "knucklehead" these days.... I enjoy that!
I think the most fascinating part of this blog is not the author posts but, instead the comments. I mean the stuff that people say is just great. And this Jessica has like the biggest crush on you, it's ridiculous. I mean, it is like High School reading her posts to you. Forgive me if Jessica is, in fact, a family member.
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