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Saturday, October 09, 2004
11:51 PM

Team America: A Misunderestimated Opportunity

That was a very entertaining movie, but not particularly politically earth-shattering. When Trey and Matt attach a message to their creations, it can be utterly devastating. But I don't know if they really knew what they wanted to say with this one. There was the "three kinds of people in the world" idea (which I won't repeat here), but it was pretty ambiguous whether the filmmakers thought America should be the world's policeman or not. It also didn't make sense the way they used the various public figures (mostly actors). All I got out of it was that they thought the actors were stupid and should die.

It's a must-see movie if you like South Park-type humor, but it's not going change our culture or the course of the election.

I saw this movie as well... sneak preview... Lennox, 8:20 pm Saturday. Were you there? Were we as the proverbial two ships in the night? Was I in the same theater as you and not see you! OH NO!
It sucks when you go to a movie expecting to see another Michael Moore Masterpiece (3M), and the whole crowd is ready to go burn effigies of Bush, and, hey howdy, Trey and Matt don't fall into the stereotypical tripe. So then we rely on the old "I don't know if they really knew what they wanted to say with this one" line of thinking.

I think they knew what they wanted to say - and said it - quite well. Too bad it doesn't line up with what you wanted them to say, but take heart: 3M is coming out with another hard-hitting journalistic bid of wonder in a couple months.
Oh yeah, can't wait to miss that one!

Hopefully it will be another "documentary" but this time about how Bush "manages" to win the election.
Who said I liked Michael Moore? Michael Moore blows. But if you're going to do to him in this film what they do to him, it would make it a lot funnier and more effective if you explained why he sucks.

I thought the Iraq war episode was one of those devastating ones: the hawks and doves need each other so that we can go to war whenever we want while still appearing like we don't want war. "We can have our cake...and eat it too!" Not that it worked out that way. But they make everybody look like idiots. And they're right: in the grand scheme of things, we're 99.44% pure idiots. And we float. Including them. Including you. Including me.
"Who said I like Michael Moore?"

I remembered you writing something about wanting to buy a bunch of tickets to the movie and give them away, a la 'The Passion.' But I re-read your comments and saw that you've consistently "abhored his methods" even though "he's our jerk," as your brother so eloquently put it.

Regardless, Mikey, you're missing the point of my post, which was a response to your bemoaning the fact that Trey and Matt didn't send the message you wanted them to send. The same message that Michael Moore sends (though you 'abhor' his methods).

And I think it's a fair bet that a majority of the Team America viewers are the same slack-jawed yokels that went to Fahrenheit 9/11, so you won't be alone with your negative reaction to the movie.

Please explain to me how an educated person like yourself would come to the conclusion that George W. Bush deserves four more years.


Let's just say that I think the "Anybody But Bush" bumper stickers miss the boat. Completely.

Kerry destroys the idea that anyone with a pulse could defeat Bush. Bush can be attacked on innumerable levels, and should be, and if there were an even-halfway viable candidate running against him, he'd be out in the cold in November. But there's not, and he won't.
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