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Thursday, November 04, 2004
9:09 PM

Bush can screw around with the tax code and Social Security all he wants. I don't care. Just please, please no more invasions, alright?

Lo siento, Mikey. It's already in the cards. Read around...how many passing references to you see to Syria and Iran, the next two countries on the PNAC's hit list? Casually slip it into the stream of national consciousness, and it becomes an unproven given..."oh, yeah, those Iranists are terrorist bastards, and we gotta go git 'em fore they git us! Fox news said so, and so did Rush!"
You are more likely to see missile and/or air strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities (in fact, Israel may be beat us to it) than an invasion. The democratic movement is well under way in Iran (very similar to what Poland saw in the late 80s and 90s) and now with a free Iraq on one side and a free Afghanistan on the other, the future of Iran is becoming clear.
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