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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
11:03 AM

Licking my wounds

It appears to be all over but the shouting. And I prophecy lots o' shouting.

So now what? Not having beaten 'em, join 'em? Some say that the war for the soul of the Republican Party between the evangelicals and principled conservatives starts today. The neocons almost cost Bush this election, and apparently didn't do anything to win it for him. Maybe with a good swift kick in the crotch we can vanquish them permanently and bring Bush back to the foreign policy that he said he was going to apply when he ran in 2000.

By the way...just who is it that lives in a 9/10 world? I think the neocons are still living in a 1/26/98 world.

I guess the result of this election in the near term is that it makes me want to speak my mind a lot more and say things that are not necessarily going to make me very popular. It hurts not to be liked, but sometimes it hurts more to feel completely powerless and voiceless.

why would you feel disliked b/c of your political views? The vast majority of the law school supported Kerry.
Because it's a lot of fun to be a victim.
Yeah, I'll buy that. It's self-indulgent. But nobody has to read if they don't like it.
Just b/c it isn't clear - the two anonymouses were from two diff people. I made the comment about the majority of law school feeling the same but genuinely was curious - the other unfortunate comment about being a victim was not from me.
I can tell because the two of y'all type differently.

The thing is, I don't care only what people at school think. Many people hate every law school student, to a person, because they're going to be lawyers someday. As for supporting Kerry, people aren't going to be mad at me for supporting him so much as for not supporting him enough (and there's a comment to that effect below).
Oh, I won't stop reading. Between this and the Democratic Underground, I've got the Pity Party pretty much covered.

And it's not our writing styles that distinguish us Anonomousi, is it Mike-o?
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