Diary of a 1L
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
8:44 AM

Things I don't like

Being a grownup sucks.

Here are some things I hate:

Paying rent
Paying utilities
Trying to figure out I can finance a house (I can't)
Trying to figure out how to pay for graduate school (and when I'll find time to go, without losing my job)

Wanna trade?
Houses are cheaper than apartments.
Sometimes saying "I can't finance a house" has nothing to do with how expensive or inexpensive it is. I would hope most adults have figured out that it is more economic to put your money into a house, where you make a benefit from the tax releif. The issue rather, is whether a person has the CREDIT, credentials or the collateral to get the loan in the first place.
Amen on the hate being a grownup bit. It really blows. You should add:
Having to pretend you care about things you couldn't care less about because one has to be polite.
Paying taxes (3 months of your money GONE)
Getting up before 9am
The last person who commented obviously LOVES being a grownup - death to you, annoymous commentor.
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