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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
6:00 PM

Who in 2008?

Dick Cheney's not running in 2008, even if W makes a comeback tonight. Rudy, Ahnold, McCain, Pataki, even Colin Powell...none of these people would seem to appeal to Bush's base. In fact, if Bush loses, I wonder if he wouldn't try to pull a Grover Cleveland and run again himself in 2008. For those of you who are Bush supporters reading this, to whom do you want to see him pass the torch, or otherwise, who do you want to go up against Kerry next time?

How about for the Democrats? Please, please, anybody but Hillary. What are her qualifications? Smart, and the wife of a former president. Well yeah, but she's a senator. But how'd she get to be a senator? Smart, and the wife of a former president. I have no reason to support her. Where's a good moderate when you need one? Joe Biden? Uh...Tom Vilsack? Not Bill Richardson. I hate that guy. Maybe someday I'll tell you why.

I voted McCain as a write-in today. If he runs in 2008, I'd be likely to vote for him then.

Dems? I expect Edwards to run. Dean might take another shot at it. Maybe Virginia's Gov. Mark Warner, but he probably couldn't carry his own state in a national race.
Rudy - Pres. Jeb Bush - VP
Dems might run IL-Obama, at least as VP. I think Rudy is looking fine for Bush's new DOJ head; word has it that Ashcroft's going to get the boot. GOP 2008-McCain seems the most logical choice. I love Rudy, and Arnold's definitely something else, but they don't appeal to the base--and evidently, the heartland voted on moral values above and beyond economic and terrorism considerations, what d'ya know?
Oh thank goodness...please do boot Ashcroft. I was worried Ashcroft might be the GOP's man in 2008. Now there's a guy who appeals to their base! Not so much to...um...anybody else.
Ummm...just a slight newsflash...no way Aaahnold will be on any presidential ticket, at least in 08...he constitutionally forbidden to be president, so by extension that makes him unqualified to run for v.p., i would imagine. I lost a lot of respect for some men I used to hold in somewhat decent regard...McCain and Giuliani to begin with. I cannot for the life of me understand how a proud man like McCain would willingly serve as Bush's cabana boy this time around, after what Rove did to McCain in 2000. I understand Johnny wants his crack, and maybe he thought that by getting kicked in the nuts once more this time around, he could be in a position to "be owed one" by the Republicans. the trouble is, the neocons actually loathe McCain's type, so he won't get more than a gratuitous sniff at the White House in four years.

It's all a moot point, however: Cheney will have "heart trouble" in a few years, and Bush will be able to choose his VP...allowing that VP to run for President in 08 as an incumbent of sorts. My money's on Giuliani...most uninformed people are dumb enough to think he's a moderate, and his pro-choice position will be moot by then, as Roe v. Wade will be ancient history.
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