Diary of a 1L
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Monday, December 06, 2004
7:08 AM

Okay, maybe forget what I said before. I think my main goal is to wrap things up here in a way consistent with my original statement of purpose, from which I've strayed very, very far from time to time. Then I figure that if I want to keep blogging, I'll start a new blog, with this one remaining just sort of static for people who want to read about what law school is like.

However much this has turned into a giant ego thing, I like to think my original purpose was to help people in some meager way.

I never would have gotten through contracts without you! - 1L
Michael, you have helped many people with this website. I hope more of them
can write and thank you rather than write mean stuff to you.

Love, Mom
You have been a huge help to me!
Well if you are done because people wrote mean comments, could you make in the "firm" life?
Well if you are done because people wrote mean comments, could you make in the "firm" life?
No, I couldn't.
Will you marry me? *laughs* No, really, I still appreciate all the hard work you've put into the notes.
That is a honest response about firm life. I don't think many Law Students have any idea about firm life. It is a horrible life.
Thankfully a firm is not the only employment choice. And even then, not all firms are bad.
You'll let us know where you're going (virtually...in reality...whichever), right?

I've enjoyed reading about your adventures through law school. I really hope you continue. I will be graduating this year, and going off to law school next year. I appreciate the insite you provide, and I really hope you continue to share your experiences.
MIKE YOU ARE SERIOUSLY THE BEST!!!!! I just found your con law and civ pro outlines right before finals. This is AFTER going through Bar Bri lectures, E&Es and a whole slew of supplemental guides. But there's a difference because I am actually SMILING reading yours. THANK YOU! IT ALL MAKES SENSE.
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