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Saturday, December 04, 2004
10:47 AM

Remember the times I mentioned that I couldn't wait to be able to say what I really think? Well, that day is coming soon...case in point, I think I'm going to post all my grades on here.

I'm sorry if the site looks weird in Safari. I'll try to figure out what the problem is, but I'm not gonna try too hard...you non-Mozilla using freaks!!!

Post your underwear size, too.
Haha, little Willam, made you use Firefox!
I'm sorry, I don't understand what posting your grades has to do with saying what you really think?!? Can't you do that anyway, without sharing your grades with the rest of the world, and potentially making some people feel inferior. In some ways it would just seem as though you were just bragging. I just don't get your point.
Oh, Anonymous friend, I think you've missed the boat: I very much doubt if Mikey's grades will make anyone feel inferior.
Oh...I dunno. How do you know whether my grades are good or not anyway? And the other answer is, it would be a relief to sort of not care what people think.
Also, I might lie.
Oh, I don't think I have missed the boat, it is you two that are failing to realize the point of who will feel inferior...

1) If Mike has "good" or "average" grades, and he is posting them because he is content with them, then it is just annoying that he is sharing them with us. It will look like he is bragging, and those who do work as hard as him and are not getting "good" or "average" grades may feel bad that he is bragging.

2) On the other hand, if Mike has "average" or "below average" grades and he is posting them to let us know that he thinks he has bad grades, or if he is posting "average" grades to say that he thinks they are "bad" grades....there are plenty of other students who may have grades lower than his who may be proud of their hard work and the grades they received. In this situation he will be insulting these students and most definately making them feel inferior.

3) Any way you slice it, the only way to ensure that he won't be making SOMEBODY feel inferior, is if he was the lowest ranked person at his school, doutful.

Certainly, Mike you can say that you don't care what people think anymore, but that kind of immaturity will have to cease at some point. The decisions you make now will impact you for a long time. The friends you make now, will help you succeed in the future...That whole "permanent record" thing, is sort true, you just have to apply it to real life situations.
I don't think you people are getting my hints quite yet. But it's kind of fun stringing you all along. (I don't mean it's fun to string along my actual friends, but I need to find the right time to tell them.)
Mike has left the (Moritz) building.
Wow, what a big fat dissapointment. I'm not even going to wait for the "BIG" announcement to voice this opinion....If you quit, you shouldn't feel free to share what you "really think". That should be reserved for those who had the intestinal fortitude to make it through the entire three years. Who cares how much you "hate" lawyers, lots of people do. You only sound good saying it, after having COMPLETED a legal education. So my suggestion would be shut this BLOG down and focus on your other stuff...
Some people spend a bit too much time criticising. I mean, really, what good does it do? I would say some of the commenters need to get lives of their own and quit worrying about Mr. Shecket's life so much.
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