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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
3:25 PM

New feature: "Hey Mike, Say Something About..."

To go along with the little-seen advice column feature, here's a new one: "Hey Mike, Say Something About..." This consists of you adding a comment to this or some other post, asking me to say something about something. My goal is to say something funny, unless you pick a serious subject. The prompt for my saying something could be a single word, like "celery", or a whole concept, book or web site. It's up to you. Then I have to say something. But my response isn't guaranteed to be any particular length or guaranteed to be funny. It will include at least one word, and may include images or other audiovisual aids. So if you said: "Hey Mike, Say Something About...Celery!" I might say: "Crunchy." That's what I would say especially if I have a paper due soon or something like that.

My Mom and My Uncle used to do something similar to this. The difference is we would give them a word and they would compete with each other to see who could come up with a song faster. It was funny, yet obnoxious, especially in nice resturaunts. So in honor of my Uncle's favorite saying (who was a retired Army LTCOL Catholic Chaplain), I will give you your first word:
Hey Mike say something about..."WhatEver!"
Is this similar to "write a story about.... salad"?
Yes...except it need not be a story. You could say "salad" and I could say, for example, "Caesar's" and be done with it. Or I could say more. But I suppose you could make me say another thing about salad.
Write something about bread.

Hey Mike do you like palindromes? I do there great. I wonder why the word palindrome isn't a palindrome itself. Where do you suppose I would go to get the word palindrome changed to wordrow or something like that?
Hope you can help,
Bob (not my real name but I wish)
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